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Since the beginning of time, people have always been trying to figure out a way to live longer. In the Middle Ages it was common for the lifespan of a human to reach just 40 years. In today's society, both men and women are living 90 or 100 years, and in some instances, even longer.

However, there was one man that seemed to master the art of life and longevity. He smashed and holds tightly to the record of being the oldest person ever. His story is one that is truly mesmerizing.

Source: wikipedia

Mastery In Qigong

Mastery in Qigong
He was skilled in Qigong and spent most of his life in the mountains and lived off a diet of herbs and rice wine. Unlike us in the modern living with pollutions and genetic modified foods.

Qigong practice typically involves a high level of meditation and deep breathing and helps develop human potential.

Learn more about Qigong: Wikipedia

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