Amongst The Harambe Controversy, One Man Who Went Through The Same Horrifying Experience At Age 5 Shares His ThoughtsTranslate

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There is a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the recent death by shooting of a gorilla named Harambe living at the Cincinnati Zoo. A young boy accidentally took a tumble into the giant creature's personal habitat.

The argument comes from those that feel the zoo was justified in killing the animal in order to protect the child. Harambe supporters believe that the action they took, taking into consideration the gorilla is an endangered species in particular, may have been too radical.

Levan Merritt was taken back to 1986 when he saw this recent footage. That was when he too fell into the living space of a gorilla at the Jersey Zoo. He has his own thoughts and opinions that should be heard by someone who went through the experience firsthand.

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