A Bear Was Found Orphaned 23 Years Ago And This Caring Russian Couple Has Been Fostering Him Ever SinceTranslate

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Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko never thought that they would have a 23-year-old-bear living with them after taking him in as an orphan at just 3-months old. He was discovered over two decades ago in the woods of Moscow, Russia by hunters and he was in a terrible state. The Panteleenkos decided they would take the bear they named Stepan in, and nurse him back to health.

After living with his human family for over 20 years, Stepan has learned to become very sociable and caring towards people. Some of his favorite pastimes include watering the plants, watching TV, and even enjoying a cup of tea. The Panteleenkos want people to know that despite his strength and nature, he has never been aggressive or harmed anyone.

Stepan's diet consists of 25kg, or about 55 pounds, of eggs, vegetables, and fish each day. He works off his large portion sizes doing what he loves the most, playing football with the family. Stepan is also a little famous because of his various works for photography and in films.

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