Tattoo Artist Gets The First Tattoo Machine Prosthesis In The WorldTranslate

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Many people have tattoos today. Each tattoo is special in its own way and often is a declaration of who we are, what we like and what we dream of. However, very few tattoos are as special as the tattoos that have been created by the artist JC Sheitan Tenet. And there is reason for that.

JC Sheitan Tenet is a tattoo artist who is making tatoes but doesn’t do them by hand. In fact, he makes the tattoos by using his prosthetic hand. Living in Lyon, France,  Tenet has lost his arm 22 years ago. However, he got the coolest prosthetic courtesy in the world thanks to the French artist JL Gonzal, who used the existing arm prosthesis that Tenet had and modified it to fit there the tattoo machine.

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