This Person Was Able To Carve An Entire Elephant Family Into A Pencil And It Is Astonishing!Translate

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In 2015, a viral sensation was created when an individual carved a train that was comparable in size to what would fit inside of a pencil. It was featured all over Facebook, the Internet, and even on TV in Barcelona.

This artist's most detailed creation was the Elephant Walk. The piece was commissioned by the Epiphany Elephant Museum.  The work of art was started with a simple foil stamped logo of an elephant. After a bit, the designer went crazy. While looking at a reference picture, it was decided that an entire elephant family was going to be the goal. The elephants would be walking along the Serengeti just to make it extra demanding. From start to completion the total time to make the piece was a few days.

A 5x diopter magnifying lamp was utilized in the carving of the first train. Later, a 10x diopter magnifying floor lamp was purchased. Feeling as though more detail could be achieved, the artist bought a 90x trinocular. This device was fashioned on an arm and was similar to a microscope. With the assistance of these amazing technologies, the designer was able to get in every detail including the baby's elephant trunk, skin, and more without the pencil snapping. Avoiding deep breaths was a major task during the process as well!

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