Son Sings With Dad, Who Has Alzheimer's,Could This Be The Most Heartwarming Viral Video Ever?Translate

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It has been said, that Alzheimer's, is a cruel disease, that robs a person of their mind. Sufferers often lose their memory and fail to recognise their loved ones. Currently, there is no cure, however, medications can help with some of the symptoms and other therapies can maximise any potential, that sufferers have, For example, adhering strictly to familiar routines and visual reminders for daily routines.

Eventually, the memory can deteriorate, however, sometimes there are instances of recognition, maybe just for a few moments. There may be a visual or other trigger, which causes the sufferer to , seemingly revert to their normal self. Most recently, a heartwarming video, taken by the son of his 79 year old father. His father spent most of his life as a singer before his Alzheimer's diagnosis and on a recent car journey, suddenly began singing perfectly, to a familiar song.

The video has gone viral and has helped raise a large amount of money, to fund research into Alzheimer's The video is reminiscent, of 'Carpool Karoake' made famous by James Corden. Check out the video, it will surely bring tears to your eyes

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