12 Hungry Killer Whales Chase A Seal - He Hinds Help On A Guy’s BoatTranslate

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A totally terrified seal jumped at the back of a tour boat last week, which was off the coast of Vancouver Island near Canada in order to escape from several hungry killer whales. This unusual event was caught on camera by Kirk Fraser and went and thus soon went viral.

The tour guide Nick Templeman later told CNN that he saw around twelve orcas that were near the back of the boat, looking for the seal. The guide had been practicing whale watching for more than two decades, but that was the first time he saw such a serious orca hunt.

Naturally, the seal was scared but it was lucky to get rid of the orcas, which after 30 min gave up on him and disappeared. Yet, even after he went back in the water, we swimmed near the boat. The little creature was greeted and cheered by the the tour guide and the tourists as he swam off.

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