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Our dogs are our best friends and we wish they could live forever. Unfortunately, that is not possible without the Fountain of Youth, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about their lives. There are plenty of ways to ensure your pet a long and fulfilled life, and you should definitely try them out.

Fresh Water, Always
Water is the cheapest and most important nutrient you have to provide for your dog. For this, you will need a short bowl which is easy to drink from, and you have to make sure it cannot be tipped over that easily. So, pick a bowl that is flat at the bottom with fairly straight walls. Also, bowls made of stainless steel are the easiest to clean and they cannot be broken. Since water is important for your pet, the bowl should be accessible to the dog at any time. Place it somewhere out of everybody’s way, but where the dog can drink without being disturbed. Refill the bowl on a daily basis with fresh clean water, and watch out if your dog loves to play and tip it over. Additionally, keep the toilet door closed, so your dog won’t get sick from the toilet water. 
Clean Place to Sleep
Regardless of your pet’s living space (indoors or outdoors), it should have a dry, warm and comfy place to sleep. If your dog sleeps inside, it should have his own private space. You can provide it with a crate and a blanket which will give the dog the sense of security, or you can let it pick its own bed. When the spot has been chosen, line it with a blanket, towel or a dog bed. There are plenty of options for the bedding, but you should start with exploring some of the comfy dog beds in Australia and let your pet choose what it likes. On the other hand, if your dog spends most of his time outside and sleeps there, it should have a warm dry shelter to protect it. The dog house doesn’t have to be a luxurious villa but it should be big enough so your pet can turn around and stretch. Opt for ones made of waterproof sturdy materials which will keep it safe from the weather conditions. <br><br>Daily Exercising<br>If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, it is more prone to obesity, joint diseases and becoming aggressive. Also, it will be bored and will start chewing on your shoes, couches and simply he will make a mess around the house. In order to prevent all these and ensure good health for your pet, you have to go out for runs and walks almost every day. All you need is a leash and some spare time. The length and duration of the walk/run will depend on your dog’s size, age and breed, but in any case, exercising is essential. You can start slowly with short walks and gradually increase the time and length of your walks and you will both get in shape in no time. 
Only Quality Food
In order to find the best fitting diet for your dog, you are going to have to try out different types of meals and brands of dog food. However, when buying dog food, you may want to check the label and how the ingredients are listed. If it says, for example “chicken”, the food probably contains only chicken meat and bones; but if it says “meat and animal derivatives”, you won’t know what your dog is eating, since this could contain various types of meat and its derivatives. Also, you don’t have to rely solely on dog food. Once in a while your dog will love to eat some cooked meals you prepared at home, and you don’t have to be afraid of raw food. Raw meat and veggies can be an occasional delicious treat for your pet and they will love it. On the other hand, you want to avoid food that contains sugar or added sugars because you don’t want your dog to become overweight or suffer from some serious health problems.
 These four essentials are bound to ensure one healthy and long life for your pet. However, besides these, make annual visits to the vet and be completely sure that your dog is strong and happy. 

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