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We want to share the story of the unusual dog called Rowdy. The dog has the strangest eyes ever, yet his past is even stranger than that! If you are still wondering – no, that is not paint, but his natural color!  

Rowdy is a cute dog that has survived being shot and poisoned! Now he is a local celebrity in Oregon and has the coolest face, right!

The owners of Rowdy, Niki and Tim Umbenhower, say that the unusual condition on the face of their Labrador is a form of "vitiligo" that made the fur around his eyes to turn white for a period of one year. Vitiligo is not a serious illness, yet it causes loss of skin pigment.

According to the owners of Rowdy, the 13 year old Labrador has cheated death two times at least in his life! First, he was poisoned by river water, and then he was accidentally shot by a police officer and also survived! In other words… this dog is a walking miracle!

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