Cat Suffers As People Pour Acid On Its Face, Yet Still Trusts Human BeingsTranslate

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Not all people love animals, but some of them go beyond the line and are more than indifferent to the animals – they are cruel. Last June, some of these so called humans poured acid on the head of this cute and friendly cat on purpose. This caused the animal unbearable pain and resulted in the loss of one of his eyes. The unwanted cat was living in the high desserts of California and just wanted some love and food.


The little creature spent several days in agony until a kind woman found it on her porch. She immediately took the cat to the vet but the vet was not experienced at all and just gave the cat some antibiotics. He tested the cat for FIV+ and even suggested to kill it. At that point the woman got in contact with the Sanctuary Milo – a non-profit organization that was specializing in offering a second chance for the life of animals that are either seniors, with terminal illness or with physical disabilities. The organization is further taking care of animals that have been abused and are in need of love and care.

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