Someone Hides Inside This Shark Resistant Cage, See What Happens When The Great White Breaks In!Translate

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The person who published the video below; stated that on the recent great white shark cage diving trip he went to, the members of the expedition experienced a very rare and frightening event when the great white shark breached the cage side.

It looks as if the aggressive great white shark is attacking the cage, but that is not the case.

In fact, the incredible shark is chomping at great big chunks of tuna that are tied to a rope. As the great white shark grabs at the meat, it becomes temporarily blinded.

These Animals Are Incapable Of Swimming Backwards. Thus When The Shark Grabs The Bait, It Accidentally Hit The Cage Side

These animals are incapable of swimming backwards. Thus when the shark grabs the bait, it accidentally hit the cage side

When the shark grabs the bait, it accidentally hit the cage side, and was confused and also unable to swim backwards, so it pushed forward and thus he broke the metal rail of the cage. 

But unbelievably, there was one diver in the cage when this breach occurred. He wound up on the outside of the cage underneath it, thus was able to look down at two other great white sharks below.

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