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Categories: Photography · Video     Tags: Colorless Rainbow · White Rainbow · Fogbow · Rannoch Moor · West Scotland · Melvin Nicholson
This awesome photograph of a white rainbow was taken by Scottish photographer, Melvin Nicholson .  Melvin was able to capture this whilst he was out on Rannoch Moor located in the west of Scotland. Melvin explained the phenomenon of the colorless rainbow

"It is a colorless rainbow that is made up of tiny water droplets that cause fog.t's an amazing thing to witness and can generally only be seen if the sun is behind you when you are looking at  it

The rainbow is also known as the 'fog rainbow' and this particular sighting of the rainbow, with a wind swept lone tree forming a delightful backdrop, seemed to  enhance the scene. Melvin also felt that this  'completed the shot' 

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