Did 'Crusty' Eat The Pie(lot)?!Translate

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Categories: Humour · Mystery     Tags: Large Crustaceans Pacific Ocean · Amelia Earheart · Amelia Earheart Conspiracy · Amelia Earheart Mystery

Back in 1937, the famous pilot, Amelia Earheart and her navigator, Frank Noonan vanished. To this day there have been many conspiracy theories suggesting all manner of reasons for their mysterious disappearance. One  theory is that she was 'captured by the Japanese', another that she was a 'secret spy' and several others. The most widely held theory is that her plane crash landed on a remote Island. This seemed to be plausible when in 1940, human skeletal remains, thought to be Amelia were discovered.

However, the conspiracy theories are still circling and the latest theory is that her remains were eaten by a giant coconut crustacean. In order to test this theory, scientists placed the carcass of  a pig within the area and 'monitored  the Crabs response. Within days the carcass was stripped of its flesh and its bones were scattered, leading them to theorize that perhaps this is what may have happened to the body of Amelia Earheart.

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