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Its not just humans that believe in the magic of Christmas, apparently animals can too. This was certainly the case in a dollar store, in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. 

St Mary's county sheriffs office were advised that there was a 'destructive customer' in the store, who had casually strolled in proceeding straight to the Christmas Decoration section.  They were advised to contact Animal care, as the customer, a Beaver, was 'beavering away' looking for a Christmas tree!

The sheriff's office, posted the story on Facebook explaining the hilarious incident:

Corporal Yingling had an interesting call on Monday when the suspect, pictured below, caused property damage to a dollar store in Charlotte hall.

Just ;like any human suspect may do, once the Beaver spotted the Law Enforcement officers he 'attempted to flee', but was quickly apprehended by Animal care.

He was released back into the wild, and I guess it could be said that the c case is now closed.

However, we shall never know whether he was allowed to take his Christmas tree back with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information St Mary’s Sheriff

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