This Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Best Friend Fish For 25 Years NowTranslate

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The nice Japanese diver Hiroyuki Arakawa entered into a strange friendship connection 25 years ago and that friendship is still a fact today. The man has been entrusted to oversee tori - one of the religion’s shrines of Shinto located beneath Tateyama Bay surface. Many years passed and he got to know the marine creatures that were living around the shrine. But he did more than that - he became a friend with Yoriko, a nice Asian sheepshead wrasse. Thanks to the technologies, their heart-melting relationship was captured on a video that we can see today and that went viral. In the video you can see how Arakaw is greeting his friend the fish with a kiss.


Some time ago a scientific study revealed that fish can recognize the human faces and the video is a proof of that. During the study, the scientists presented the fish with images of human faces and the fish had to choose one by spitting their jets. According to Dr. Cait Newport from Oxford University, the researchers even used black and white photos, but evened the head shapes. Even so, the fish managed to pick the familiar face with almost 85 % accuracy.

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