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Nyakim Gatwech is a fashion model from Southern Sudan. She is also the woman, who was told to bleach her very dark skin by an Uber driver. Nyakim was born with deeply pigmented skin, but also with a great character – all her life she was determined to break down the barriers of the so called conventional beauty.


Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, today the 24-year girl is a fashion model who is proud of her skin and wants everyone to know that. She often posts photos on Instagram, where she boldly states that her chocolate skin is elegant. It is on Instagram that she told the story with the Uber driver who suggested her to bleach her skin.


Nyakim Gatwech has been given the title “Queen of the Dark” and she loves it! She gets many remarks each day about her skin but keeps on fighting for the right for diversity in the fashion industry. She is the voice for the Black people all over the world. She believes that “Black is bold, beautiful, gold… Your African soul should not be damaged by the American standards”.


The model teaches us all to love the skin we have been born with, regardless of its color and shade!

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