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Believe it or not, we all use Google Maps on a daily basis and it seems that this is one of the most useful tool for finding geographical information. While using this Google tool, however, we can spot some really bizarre things. In case you have a detective eye and rich imagination, try Google Maps and this can turn into a great entertainment for you.

Below we have collected 14+1 images seen on Google Maps by ordinary users. Some can be explained, but others are a real mystery.

14. The Mountain Top Logo Of Coca-Cola

14. The Mountain top logo of Coca-Cola
This is known to be the largest Coca-Cola logo in the world. It was placed on a slope of a mountain in Chile, and was made for the 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola in 1986. The logo is composed of 70,000 Coke bottles. How cool is that?

13. That mysterious Pyramid Located In Antarctica

13. That mysterious pyramid located in Antarctica
This photo raised many questions. Is the pyramid-shaped structure in the snow of Antarctica a legacy of an ancient civilization? Is it the real reason of the interest of the Third Reich in Antarctica. Or is that mysterious pyramid the legacy of the legendary Atlantis?

11. This Giant Footprint.

11. This giant footprint.
This is a photo of a maze, which has an unusual form which resembles a giant footprint. It is located in a small village near Hampshire county and is the longest maze in England.

9. Getting Revenge Big Time.

9. Getting revenge big time.
Many neighbors get angry at each other, but some take a step further. The fight between these two started in 2009. But one of them get an unusual revenge by mowing the word "AHOLE" into a field and adding an arrow pointing toward the house of the neighbor.

8. The alien Cat

8. The alien cat
That is geoglyph, which dates back to approximately 9,000 years ago. Some people believe that this is  a divine cat that comes from another world. It is to be found in Atacama Desert, the driest place on the planet with no rain for centuries.

7. The Aircraft Collection.

7. The aircraft collection.
Many different planes and other aircraft, both old and new, are situated near a small airport in Belgrade in the Museum of Aviation. The visitors are welcome to walk around and inspect each detail of the airplanes. 

6. That salt Factory, Which Looks Like A piece Of art

6. That salt factory, which looks like a piece of art
That salt factory is located in a small village in Niger, where the local people work in the extraction of salt from ponds full of mud. The ponds are filled with water, where is placed a special clay containing salt. After that the salt water is drained and filtered and as the water evaporates, the salt crystals are to be seen.

5. A Turkish Flag On Kyrenia Mountains In Cyprus

5. A Turkish flag on Kyrenia Mountains in Cyprus
This is a giant flag of the Turkish Republic. It is painted on the Kyrenia Mountains slope in Northern Cyprus. Even the motto of the republic is seen: "How happy is the one who says I am a Turk!" That phrase comes from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk'speech delivered for the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

4. Photo Of An alien Spaceship

4. Photo of an alien spaceship
Even if it looks like a real alien spaceship, this is an attraction in Texas, called Futuro House. Designed by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the 1960s, this architecture represented people’s hope and idea for the future technologies.There are 30 such houses in the world.

2. The waving Man In Australia

2. The waving man in Australia
That funny waving man can be seen even from space. He is located on the Australian Gold Coast and is an ordinary floating pontoon for kids. The pontoon is part of a small amusement park, placed on the shore.

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