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Music has been a part of the human civilization for as long as the known history shows us and today it is easier than ever to find the music you like since there are millions of songs and compositions already made.

But did you ever wish to be a part of the people that are creating music? Did you ever wish to hear the tones made by your hands?

Sure, it is awesome to sit back and relax with your pair of headphones and just a youtube search with your fingertips, but there is something far more beautiful when you take the instrument in your hands and start producing those vibrations.

Oh and yeah you don't have to be a perfect musician to experience the benefits of playing a musical instrument. You don't have to spend years to perfect your skills in order to have fun and to experience what is it like when you are making notes come to life.

In this article I will cover some of the most important reasons why you should consider playing a musical instrument but I will not tell you which one. That is something you should figure out on your own.

1.Learning to play a musical instrument boosts your creativity

This goes without saying since music is art and it is related to your emotional and cognitive state so playing a musical instrument will definitely help you unlock your creative side. But since it is not a visual art it will help you unlock some different creative parts of your brain which are not used when using other art forms like painting, drawing or any other visual art form.

2. Playing a musical instrument will help you with stress

Creating a habit of playing and learning an instrument in your everyday life will help you with your stress levels. It is proven that listening to the music helps lower the levels of cortisol which is a stress related hormone but if you start practicing with a musical instrument you will experience additional benefits when battling with stress. Playing an instrument gives you a fun activity in which you have to be involved while listening to music is a passive experience.

3. Playing an instrument will make you smarter

A number of research has shown that preschool children with musical education did better later in school than those without it. Like with any other skill gained in life it will improve your cognitive performance and when learning musical instrument you will train your brain to use abstract skills.

4. You will learn about instruments and how they work

Depending on how curious are you, you will learn about your instrument of choice and learn to love it, learn how it functions and its history. For example piano history is a lot of fun to learn if you like that instrument and its mechanism is a true work of art. Guitar is equally amazing with all of the parts which have their story. Learning an instrument will be like learning about your partner and with time you will love every part of them. 

5. If you learn a musical instrument it will increase your confidence

Music is an art where you can be self sufficient once you reach a stage where you believe that you are good enough. Sure you can play in a band but if you wish to do so you can also play just for yourself and that level of love for what you do will give you better confidence. Once you are able to play an instrument of your choice and be happy with your skills it gives you confidence in your skills and overall your ability to do things you love in life. Today the instrument and tomorrow the world!

6. You will learn patience through music

If you think that learning an instrument is done overnight you are wrong. But that is the beauty of it! This is directly related to the point above. Once you get to the level you are happy with, you will have a chance to look back from where you started and see that you were able to endure the journey of learning your instrument. This teaches you patience and will help you with other areas of your life.

7. Learning an instrument will teach you discipline

Sticking to what you wanted to learn and going through it requires discipline and what a better way to do it while also having fun and using your creative side? You will have to devote a certain amount of time of your daily life in order to learn the instrument of your choice which teaches you to be disciplined. While this works in adults too, the results are best in children, if they show interest in learning an instrument that is.

8. Playing an instrument is Fun!

This is above all the greatest benefit of learning an instrument. Music brings an unparalleled joy in our life with anything else since it is so unique. Playing an instrument will also bring joy to your friends and loved ones too since you can perform for them or even help them learn an instrument of their own and than you can play together. Music brings us together and helps us express our emotions. Learning an instrument is a fun activity that does not have an expiration date since you will always love it and those around you.

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