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Many people believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason. Yet, there are people who think that nothing is predetermined and we make our own life. However, even those that do not believe in fate will be stumbled by the photos below that show coincidences that are so rare and so bizarre that the chance to happen is one in a million… And yet they did happen!


No matter what you believe in, the coincidences that you will see below will definitely astonish you! We have collected for you a list of coincidences that are so perfect that even the most skeptic people will wonder if some supernatural forces were at play. Probably they were…


Have a look at the photos and tell us below what is the weirdest coincidence that you have ever came across? 

#1 When Fate Has Everything To Do With It!

#1 When fate has everything to do with it!
As a small kid 20 years ago this guy was brought to watch an air show with his uncle and grandpa. He had the chance to sit in one of the aircrafts - OH58 Kiowa. On that very moment the boy decided to become a pilot. Years later, looking through some old photos, he found this picture of himself sitting in that airplane and that is the airplane type he has been flying in in the past month.

As he got to the airfield, he asked the operations if they have ever had such a Kiowa with the tail number written on the aircraft – the one he was sitting at when being just 8 years old. That very same aircraft was not sitting on the ramp on that very same airfield base the guy was working at. So, he was actually been flying that specific Kiowa this past month.


So, twenty years later he was flying the exact aircraft that made him become a pilot! What an inspiring story!

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