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There were times when people used to spend their lives without any gadgets and technological devices, and that was definitely not an easy era. In this contemporary world, we are so dependent on these amazing inventions that we keep waiting for something more interesting.

Dimplify has collected 19 such awesome inventions that you would have never thought about and they are going to make your lifestyle even easier.

19. Wine Producing Glass

19. Wine producing glass

Singaporean scientists have invented an amazing glass called "Vocktail" which is connected to a mobile app through which you can control the settings for the liquid in the glass. You can change the color and taste of the liquid inside this virtual cocktail. Amazing eh?

18. "Smart" Glasses

18. "Smart" glasses

Vue glasses can make calls, be a navigator, transmit music, be a pedometer, and a calorie counter. The "Find my glasses" function of Vue glasses allows you to find your lost glasses without spending hours looking for it. Vue glasses have a special case with wireless charging, and they look like regular glasses (they can also be used as sunglasses).

17. Self-cleaning Toothbrush

17. Self-cleaning toothbrush

Amabrush can clean your teeth in only 10 seconds and your teeth will look much cleaner than that done by a regular brush. All you have to do is put the toothbrush in your mouth and connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

16. Speech-to-text Pendant

16. Speech-to-text pendant

Senstone can be worn as a pendant or can be attached to clothes. With 97% precise results, the device starts transforming speech into text with just one click. It is most beneficial for the students who don't have to write down lectures anymore. The pendant knows 12 languages.

15. Built-in Alarm Clock In A Mat

If you can't wake up with a regular alarm clock, Ruggie is for you! To stop the alarm, one has to step on the mat for 3 seconds with both the feets. This time is enough for our brain to wake up and get ready to enter into a new day.

14. Printer That Prints A Pancake

14. Printer that prints a pancake

Bake a pancake in any shape with PancakeBot, from your favourite cartoon character to the most beautiful flowers. It allows kids to draw their future pancake on the paper and let it print by the device for their delicious breakfast. See a hypnotizing video of this amazing device Here.

13. Straw That Filters Water

13. Straw that filters water

99.9% of bacteria and 96.2% of viruses can be removed by the LifeStraw filter. It was actually created for people living in the developing countries without enough clean water and for people in emergency conditions. Now, this device is famous, especially among the world travellers. You can even drink water from a river or a lake with the help of this device. Whenever you are unsure about the cleanliness of drinking water, you can utilize this product.

11. A windshield Display

11. A windshield display

Navigation information can be now exchanged with the smartphone or any other Bluetooth device via Carloudy. The product works smartly without distracting the driver and transmits the image directly onto the windshield. The most significant feature of this device is that it is controlled by voice commands, and allows the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

10. A "smart" Coat

Smart Parka integrates gloves, scarf, and cap into it and keeps them away from getting lost. The alterable length of the coat and numerous gadget pockets inside has made it even more demanding. Moreover, the geotag inside helps you find your coat in case if it is lost or stolen. Not to mention, it’s very warm and is mainly created for cold Canadian winters.

9. A pocket Cinema

9. A pocket cinema

Now you can carry a projector and a loudspeaker in your pocket wherever you go! This device that looks like a soda can creates cinema for you anywhere you want: on a wall or on your bedroom ceiling. Capsule’s battery life is 2.5 hours in cinema mode and 40 hours in loudspeaker mode.

7. A pickpocket-proof Backpack

7. A pickpocket-proof backpack

LocTote is a cut-proof and fire-proof backpack that looks like a regular one, but it’s actually a soft vault for your stuff. Don't worry about leaving it unattended because it only opens with a lock. This backpack is going to be a big disappointment for the pickpockets.

6. An electronic Luggage Tag

6. An electronic luggage tag

Mu Tag keeps your things from losing with a little electronic tag. It can be attached to almost anything such as a bag, a folder with documents, keys, a dog collar, etc. If anything is lost or theft, the position of that thing can be traced via an app with the help of this little gizmo.

5. Antistress Cube

Those anxious people who bite their nails, pen, or shred paper while thinking has a solution for their stress. Fidget Cube is a little cube with a joystick, a spinning ball, a combination lock, and a soft-touch surface.

4. Husband-hunting Bra

4. Husband-hunting bra

This is a Japanese invention. The digital screen on the "Marriage-Hunting Bra" shows how much time its owner has until her 30th birthday. It also has a holder for a ring, and the countdown stops when a ring is inserted. There is also a holder for a seal and a pen — the inventor took good care of those who like to sign contracts and agreements before getting married.

3. Smart Ear Cleaner

3. Smart ear cleaner

EarScope let you see inside your ears and clean them with ultimate precision having no signs of earwax. Its bright LED lights can also be used to peer inside dark and hard-to-reach places.

2. The E-Ink Tattoo Machine

2. The E-Ink tattoo machine

The world of tattoos has been revolutionized by the moodINQ. A special "canvas" that comes with the device is implanted in your skin, then you can upload a design to it. The best part is that the designs are erasable and replaceable.

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