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Shedding some pounds from your body is always difficult, both mentally as well as physically. It requires continuous motivation. A 32-year-old Chinese photographer, Jesse, motivated his family and carried out a 6-month-workout program successfully. They began this transformation by taking before pictures and proved their hard work with after pictures. 

Jesse and his wife were expecting a baby and this was the time when Jesse's mom moved in with her son to help his wife during and after her pregnancy. Jesse took advantage of this opportunity and invited his father to strengthen their family bond who was running a small bamboo factory.

When Jesse noticed about the beer belly and alcoholism of his father, he decided to begin a weight loss program to bring back his family towards a healthy life. They began with fast-walking which gradually transformed into jogging. They started the gym and added more and more exercise to their routine. The also kept the track of their changing bodies by measuring every 10 days.

The best part is, the family has claimed to adopt this workout routine as their lifestyle which they initially planned to last from 10th of March to 30th of September. Moreover, Jesse's hard work paid off when he saw that his father has become a confident man.

Check out the before and after pictures of their unbelievable transformation.

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