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Did you know that a recent research has proved that the optimal daily dose of chicken eggs is 2-3 eggs? Due to its unique composition, chicken eggs provide us benefits in many ways. We only knew that eating an egg per day is important for us, but how important and how many eggs per day are required is not a very common information.

This post will surprise you with the several benefits of chicken eggs, and you will be convinced to intake the optimum dose of eggs. 

Choline Protects Your Brain

Choline protects your brain

Normal communication of brain cells is ensured by phospholipids that consist of choline. This vitamin has been clinically proven as an essential building material of our brain. Deficiency of choline can lead to memory decrease.
2 eggs per day provide you with enough of this vitamin which is extremely important for your brain.

Lutein Gives You A Healthy Sight

Lutein gives you a healthy sight

Lutein is found in ample amounts in chicken eggs according to new research. Clear and sharp eyesight can be achieved with the help of this substance. If the amounts of lutein are not enough in our body, our eyesight can deteriorate irreversibly and can result in destructive changes in eye tissues.

Calcium Is Absorbed With The Help Of Vitamin D

Calcium is absorbed with the help of vitamin D

In order to gain enough vitamin D, one can drink a spoonful of fish oil or can eat a boiled egg. Definitely, the majority will prefer the latter case. The amounts of vitamin D are the same, surprisingly, in both cases. Now vitamin D is being escalated in chickens by feeding them special supplements. Vitamin D is essential to help absorb calcium in our body and strengthen our teeth and bones.

The Reduced Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

The surprising new research has proved that eggs are not responsible for cholesterol increment in our body, rather the phosphatides present in eggs balances the cholesterol levels. Moreover, the cholesterol production within our body is also inhibited by these substances.
Eggs also contain omega-3 acids which are responsible to reduce triglyceride levels, in turn reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Helps You Lose Weight

Helps you lose weight

Do you know that if you intake a low-calorie diet along with chicken eggs for breakfast, you will lose weight twice as quickly? Surprising, right? In addition, such breakfast satisfies your body's nutrition levels and the amount of food consumed in a day will be decreased.

Aids In Planning Children

Aids in planning children

B vitamins are one of the important constituents in the formation of sex hormones. Vitamin B9, famously known as folic acid, is an essential requirement for women planning to become pregnant. This helps to form the red blood cells and the neural tube of the fetus and prevents other infections, thereby reducing the risk of mental retardation of the child. 1 chicken egg provides 7.0 mcg of the vitamin.

Slows Down The Aging Process

Slows down the aging process

Dutch scientists have conducted a research which says that in 87% of women aged 35 to 40 years, their age spots disappeared and skin lifted, and in men, their eye wrinkles were smoothed noticeably with the consumption of 2 eggs daily.

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