30 Honest Illustrations Revealing What’s Wrong With Today’s Society By Gerhard Haderer Show

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Art is not just meant to please our eyes, but also to provoke our thoughts and transfer ideas. Gerhard Haderer, a cartoonist from Austria, has produced satirical illustrations for the life we live now, highlighting the imperfectness of our society today.


For one of his books - The Life of Jesus, Gerhard Haderer had even faced the court. The book triggered violent reactions in Europe, which mainly came from the Catholic Church. The culmination of the story was in 2005 when Haderer was convicted in Greece for insulting the religious community and received a six-month suspended sentence in absentia. Several months later, the verdict was corrected on appeal and Gerhard Haderer was acquitted.


The artist got his realistic style while working as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agencies early in his career. After a cancer operation in 1985, Gerhard abandoned his commercial dreams and became a freelance caricaturist and satirical illustrator.


Have a look at his best pieces and vote for your favorites.


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