30 Perfect Handwriting Styles We Can’t Get Enough Of

10 months ago · Marta · 0 Comment

Nowadays, in the digital era we are all living in, finding people with fine skill of handwriting is almost impossible. Even the options that people have to show off their stylish and precise script are diminishing each day.

Yes, it is true that calligraphy is still flourishing in the wedding and event invitations, a nice handwriting doesn't really mean much today to anymore. Yet, those blessed with natural talent and those who have worked hard on this craft, can show their skills on the internet and be appreciated! The subreddit penmanshipporn is one such a place, where scribes get together to share and celebrate the aesthetic value of their pen productions.

We at Dimplify have compiled a list of satisfying and creative handwriting for your viewing pleasure. Just scroll down to check them out for yourself and tell us which are the ones you find most aesthetically pleasing!

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