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We are happy to live on the incredible planet Earth where so many different living creatures surround us. Some of those animals look so weird that it is very hard for us to believe mother nature has created something like that. Others are so rare that the chances of seeing them is very low.

The Dimplify team loves nature and we believe that the world we live in and the unique creatures around us are astounding. Have a look at the collection of 50 species we made that most of us have never even heard of. Scroll to the end of the article for the bonus photo which may be the coolest part!

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1. The Fennec Fox

1. The Fennec fox

The fennec fox’s unique body helps it thrive in the desert. It has huge characterostic ears and its paws are covered in thick fur to protect it from the hot sand. The fennec fox personality is great - they purr like a cat when they are happy.

2. The Axolotl

2. The Axolotl

Axolotls are critically endangered species that can be seen only in some lakes and canals in Mexico. They have funny branches which are growing on their head, which look silly but are very functional, as the filaments attached to them increase the area for gas exchange.

3. The Giant Isopod

3. The Giant Isopod

Giant Isopods occupy the area between 550 to 7020 feet deep underwater. Some of them can grow absolutely gigantic and their enormous size helps them to compromise the pressure of the deep ocean. They eat carrion and everything edible on the ocean’s floor, since they don’t always know when their next meal will be. Isopods have extremely slow metabolisms and may not need anything to eat for a few years. Wow!

4. The Goblin Shark

4. The Goblin shark

The goblin shark is also known as the vampire shark since it doesn’t like light and prefers living deep in the sea. It looks very freaky but is not that scary. She mainly eats fish, crabs, and mollusks. Not like the other sharks, this one is a pretty bad swimmer.

5. The Golden Poison Frog

5. The Golden poison frog

That pretty little frog is among the most poisonous creatures in the world. It is not born poisonous, but becomes such from what it eats. The creature uses the poison for defense, which is very strong. Tthe toxins from just one frog can kill two elephants. These creatures are very rare and only live in the rainforest in Colombia.

6. The Pink Fairy Armadillo

6. The Pink fairy armadillo

Delicate in size, these little creatures possess very powerful claws that make them fantastic diggers. Their shell looks pink because the blood vessels in the shell are so close to the surface. It likes to eat fruit and these unique nostrils allow it to breathe while it pushes its face into the fruit to suck the juice.

8. The Star-nosed Mole

8. The Star-nosed mole

Those animals are almost completely blind yet they have 22 tentacles around their nose with 25,000 sensors, which makes their sense of smell extremely sensitive even smell underwater.

The blobfish doesn’t have bones, teeth or much muscle either - it has a very slow lifestyle and spends its whole life crawling along the sea floor sucking small sea creatures like shellfish or crabs.

The Irrawaddy dolphin has a very unique look with a round face among one of its main characteristics. These animals are not considered to be in danger of extinction, yet they are relatively rare and only live in a few areas of the world.

The hair which gives this crab its name scary but practical. They actually eat the tiny microbes that grow on it. They live near the very hot hydrothermal vents in Antarctica which make their life a constant adventure - one wrong move could mean being boiled or frozen.

12. The Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko

12. The Satanic leaf-tailed gecko

These creatures are so good at camouflaging skills. It is impossible to see them in the wild. Yet they look like a leaf only when they rest. In addition, they are very fussy about where they live. Madagascar is the only place where they can be found.

14. The Desert Rain Frog

14. The Desert rain frog

Those frogs are tiny and don’t grow to 1cm. That makes them the smallest frogs in the world. Now they are listed as endangered species, because of people moving in on their desert territory. Those frogs make a very interesting sound reminiscent of a kid’s squeaky toy.

15. The Blue Dragon

15. The Blue dragon

That is a sea slug with a perfect coloring for hiding while it is floating on the sea surface. The sapphire side of the body is upward and blends with the blue water, while the silver part faces downward and could not be seen by predators from below. The blue dragon is not poisonous but it can gather poison from what it eats, and store it until it needs it.

16. The Proboscis Monkey

16. The Proboscis monkey

The first thing you see in this monkey, is its nose that can reach up to 7 inches. In general, the males have larger noses than the females. The monkey researchers think that the larger the nose of the male is, the more attractive it looks to females.

18. The Dugong

18. The Dugong

These creatures are enormous, yet very gentle and peaceful animals. Dugongs are the only marine mammals that are 100% vegetarian. They eat approx. 50 kg of sea grass every day. Even the shape of their face and upper lip are arranged for grazing on sea grass from the ocean floor.

19. The Boxer Crab

19. The Boxer crab

These crabs are known for the the way they move. They always carry a small sea anemone in each claw for defense and food catching, looking like boxing gloves, and that is how they got their name.

20. The Red-lipped Batfish

20. The Red-lipped batfish

That interesting looking fish has bright red lips and it looks like if it is wearing lipstick! This batfish also has a unique way of walking on the bottom of the ocean using their modified fins.

21. The Hispaniolan Solenodon

21. The Hispaniolan solenodon

These are funny looking animals with elongated and very flexible snouts. At the base of their snout they have a ball-and-socket joint like a human shoulder joint. It increases the flexibility of their snout that helps them find food.

22. The Shoebill

22. The Shoebill

This very large bird is half-stork, half-pelican. Its wings may span up to 2.5 meters. These birds usually live close to hippos and as these massive mammals bulldoze water and force fish to the surface the shoebills are able to catch them easier. The shoebill also has the ability to stand motionless for hours while hunting.

23. The Saiga

23. The Saiga

That antelope can be easy recognized thanks to its head and mobile nose and its long colored horns. The saiga are listed as critically endangered.

24. The Slender Loris

24. The Slender loris

This incredibly slow animal mainly lives on trees. They look very funny due to their huge eyes and a surprised look on their face. They have no tail and use their hands and legs to move from one tree to another.

25. The Sea Pig

25. The Sea pig

This animal has a really weird appearance. It lives in all of the world’s oceans, deeper that most of us have ever reached. The sea pigs play an essential role in the world’s ecosystem as they are cleaning the ocean “walking” on the ocean floor and eating whatever they find, from decaying plants to dead animals.

26. The Purple Frog

26. The Purple frog

It’s no wonder how this creature got its name. The purple frog is the only survivor from a group of amphibians that evolved 130 million years ago. They are spending most of their life underground, and come to the surface for a few weeks a year for breeding.

27. The Arapaima

27. The Arapaima

This huge fish can grow up to 4.5 meters long. It lives in very dirty water with not much oxygen in it. They have a special swim bladder and can gulp air from the surface. These fish have large mouths and can catch not only a relatively large fish, but even a bird cruising on the surface.

28. The Andean Condor

28. The Andean condor

This enormous bird has a wingspan up to 3 m (10 ft), yet the Andean Condor is not the greatest flyer mainly because of its weight. The bird feels great in windy areas where it can glide on air currents which can help it rise to very impressive heights.

29. The Aye-aye

29. The Aye-aye

This strangely looking animal lives on the island of Madagascar and is still considered to be endangered. The teeth of these animals never stop growing and in order to keep this under control they constantly chew nuts and wood.

30. The Northern Bald Ibis

30. The Northern bald ibis

This bird lives close to running water and usually stays in a group. Its has a characteristic black glossy body and unfeathered red face. Once wide spread today these birds are critically endangered. It’s believed that there are only about 500 birds left in Morocco and just a few in Syria.

31. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper

31. The Spoon-billed sandpiper

This is one of the rarest birds in the world with unique looking bill like a spatula. This bird breed lives in the north of Russia along the Bering Sea coast, and is migrating down for winter.

Many people don’t like spiders, yet this is a very pretty one. There has never been a reported human death from its bite, however it’s a good idea to stay away from it. These spiders can be quite aggressive and their venom can cause severe pain.

33. The Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey

33. The Tonkin snub-nosed monkey

That is a small, cute monkey found in some parts of China. Its nostrils are very close together like a human and it has a human-like hands with long fingernails. They have a thick pad of skin around their tail that act as cushion when they are sitting. These monkeys live in a very cold climate, and have developed a beautiful coat which covers their entire body except for their eyes, nose, and mouth.

34. The Roloway Monkey

34. The Roloway monkey

Black with a few white patches at the throat and the arms, the roloway monkeys are known for their white beards. They are critically endangered, very picky about where they want to live and have only been found in a few areas of Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

35. The Angonoka Tortoise

35. The Angonoka tortoise

Living in Madagascar that tortoise is critically endangered. These tortoises have a beautiful shell coloration and structure and noticeable growth rings on each segment. Unfortunately, the number of these amazing tortoises is still going down.

The world that surrounds us is full of amazing things. In case you want to share something interesting, tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit National Geographic, Mari Asano Schwanke / flickr

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