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May be you think that the panda is a bear? No, it is a raccoon? Did you know that a bald head is considered to be the epitome of female beauty? Have you heard that the cat has unique rights according to one of the religions?


Read the article below to find more amazing facts about our planet that you have most likely never heard of! We at Dimplify have collected some interesting facts from all over the world that will definitely astonish you.

The “werewolf” Syndrome Can Also Be Seen In Humans.

The “werewolf” syndrome can also be seen in humans.

Hypertrichosis, as the werewolf syndrome is called, can appear at birth or develop over time. Have  a look at this man from China who suffers from a rare congenital giant pigmented nevus, commonly know as giant furred moles.

According to scientific calculations, the weight of cosmic dust and other particles falling down to Earth varies from 0.4 to 110 tons. On average, it’s 60 tons.

That British Man traveled Around The World On a bicycle In 79 days.

That British man traveled around the world on a bicycle in 79 days.

The British cyclist Mark Beaumont traveled around the globe in 79 days. He woke up at 3:30 AM every morning and spent 16 hours biking for 76 days to cover 18,000 miles.

Even though this alcohol appeared earlier, January 31, 1865 this date is considered to be its official birthday. On this day, the famous Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev defended his doctoral dissertation On the connection of alcohol with water.

In New Zealand Some Parrots Attack Sheep.

In New Zealand some parrots attack sheep.

Kea are very smart and curious birds that are quite used to people. However, they eat carrion and attack live sheep - Kea jump on the backs of sheep and tear into their flesh.

Nutritionists say - peach, apple, and banana scents can help us lose weight. It’s never too late to prepare for summer, so get out those bananas!

People In Western China Add Salt To tea.

People in  Western China add salt to tea.

But that is not everything - in Tibet people add yak butter and salt to their tea and then they mix all the ingredients and drink it. Such a weird beverage prevents dehydration and helps restore energy. Tourists find the taste to be disgusting.

Cats - The Only Animals That Can Visit Mosques

Cats - the only animals that can visit mosques

The legend says that the prophet Muhammad loved his cat to such an extend that he even did not woke it up when it was sleeping. He even did his ablutions from the same water that the cat had for drinking. Once, in order not to disturb it when sleeping on his sleeves, Muhammad even cut of his robe' sleeves.

Have you heard of any other interesting facts? If you do, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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