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To say the truth, we sometimes believe in some things because the people before us did to. Normally, we fail to analyze whether some of these stuff are true or not. For example, you probably believe that drinking milk is good to your bones, or the Mount Everest is the Tallest mountain on the planet. Now, its time to get some truth

From all the facts across the world, Dimplify debunks a some facts that are actually myths 

9. The Placebo Concept Is For Humans Only

9. The placebo Concept is for humans only

Amazingly enough, the placebo effect can also work for animals. If your pet is feeling unwell, you can give it a pill and it will react. This means, the dog will ultimately stop feeling pain. Even if the pill is a vitamin supplement. 

8. Milk Strengthens The Bones

8. Milk strengthens the Bones

For the better part of your life, you have probably grown up knowing that dairy products are good for your bones. However, why doesn't the calcium help us to prevent fractures? 

According to the scientists from Harvard, individuals from countries that consume more dairy products than those who don't are more prone to fractures. Therefore, it really doesn't make sense to drink lots of milk for your bones. You can easily get more calcium from figs, beans, salmons and sardines. 

7. Chocolate Results To Acne

7. Chocolate results to acne

Most teenagers have to forgo chocolates because they are afraid of developing acne. But this is actually a myth. Experts gave individuals from a study bars with 10% the chocolate found on the average bar. The study revealed that it didn't affect them at all. 

In support of the study, dermatologists confirmed that the results were infant accurate. So, take as much chocolate as your heart desires, but watch out for cavities. 

6. If you Want Run, You Have To Do It Daily

6. If you want run, you have to do it daily

According to scientists, running daily can prove to be harmful. This beats the notion that it makes your fit and healthy.

Running consistently may result in medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer's. The recommended speed is 5 mph and in overall a distance of 19 miles 3-4 times a week.

5. A black Hole Is A Real Hole

5. A black hole is a real hole

 For most of us, we think that black holes are actual holes. However, they are in infact space objects in which gravity is soo intense that light is unable to transmit through. Telescopes are the only strong objects that are capable to view the black hole. They are utilized to understand how the average stars act differently from the ones from the black hole. 

4. The Planet Mars Is A Red Planet

4. The Planet Mars is a red planet

Even in school, we were made to understand that mars is red. When the first Viking 1 lander from NASA touched down on Mars in 1970, the photos taken revealed that the sky is actually blue. NASA probably wanted the public to view it as a hostile planet. Currently, NASA admits that planet has parts of grey and blue. 

3. Mount Everest Serves As The Highest In The World

3. Mount Everest serves as the highest in the world

Across the world, mountaineers dream of climbing the highest mountain on the face of the earth, The Everest. However, it is revered as the highest only because it is at high elevation from the sea level. When we consider the actual height of mountains, Mauna Kea sits at an altitude 13,796 ft and the base is at 19,039 ft beneath the sea level. 

1. The Largest Desert In The World Is The Sahara

1. The largest desert in the World is the Sahara
Even in your Geography class, you were taught to believe that the Sahara is the largest desert in the world. However, this is infact very false. The idea of a desert as an extremely hot lifeless area is also very false too. The true definition of a desert is a vast landscape that obtains little to no precipitation. Therefore, in this concept the Antarctica serves as the largest desert on the face of the earth. 

Which one of these ridiculous myths did you think was actually true? 

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