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As the Alice in Wonderland syndrome goes, objects may appear smaller or larger than they are in reality. In life, we come across numerous things that we start judging the reality of it all. Have we turned into Alice in real life?

From all around the world, Dimplify has discovered dozens of real-life objects whose size make you doubt whether you're in a horror movie

14. Traffic Lights

14. Traffic lights

For most of us, we never got to see the traffic lights on our roads very closely. Surprisingly enough, the small lights that you usually see above your car are as tall as the ordinary child.

13. Excavator

13. Excavator

Also known as the monster of the earth, the Excavator ERShR-7000 serves as the true giant of all earthmoving technologies. Walking at speeds of 130 years per hour and taking up to 16 buckets of ground sediments, it is utilized to extract ground debris before people start extracting minerals.

12. Frog

12. Frog

Known as the goliath bullfrog, this colossal frog can grow up to 12.6 inches and weigh a whopping 7.17 lbs. This earth wonder lives in the Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

11. Flower

11. Flower

Serving as the largest unbranched inflorescence existing in the world, this flower reaches a towering 10 ft high and smells like some rotting meat. In the undiscovered ages, the flower usually grew naturally in the rainforests of the Sumatra. However, the plant is currently cultivated within botanical gardens. Going by the name Morticia, this flower's home is in the Franklin Zoo park within Boston.

As you can see on the photo, amazingly enough, the wild honey produced by the Nepalese bees is larger than the Europeans by two times. They usually set up their nests at 4000-1300 ft above the sea level while their nests are 5 ft high by 3 ft wide.

10. Mosquito

10. Mosquito

Being the world's largest mosquito to exist on the face of the earth, this mosquito has a wingspan of 4 inches. Originally from China, it belongs to the species Holorusia Mikado. Compared to the average mosquito, this one is two times bigger than the ones we are used to. Good for us, despite its horrifying appearance, it is terrible in flight and doesn't suck blood.

9. Cruise Ship

9. Cruise ship

The Allure of the seas serves as one of the largest passenger ships to exist in the word. She stands at a towering 236 feet while being incredibly 1,187 ft in length. Additionally, she accommodates 6400 passengers and 2000 crew people.

8. Bat

8. Bat

Talking about a bat straight out of a horror scene, this large flying fox from Southeast Asia comes from a long line of megabats. Regardless of its terrifying looks, it only feeds on flowers, nectar, and fruits.

7. Tire

7. Tire

Specially created for the Japanese dump trucks from Bridgestone, these tires stand at 13 ft while weighing 6 tons.

This woman thinks that she has discovered the world largest avocado  https://t.co/washWveUu0pic.twitter.com/27lE1y8iwM

While exploring the Hawaiian sandy beaches, Pamela discovered an avocado that weighed 5.2lbs. Before this, the largest avocado recorded was at 3.9lbs

6. Swimming Pool

6. Swimming pool

Located along the coast of the Pacific ocean, the largest swimming pool on the planet sits at 3,323 ft long while carrying up to 66 m gallons of water from the sea. It has a depth of 115 ft and sits on 20 acres of land. The water temperatures are 48 degrees more than the average ocean waters

5. Nut

5. Nut

The world's largest nut exists on a tree from the Seychelles. Going by the name Coco-de-mer, it is 5 ft long, 3 ft in its diameter and weighs at 55lbs

4. Wine Barrel

4. Wine barrel

Unlike the average wine barrel, this one holds 204,574 liters of content. Within cape town, South Africa, there are other similar ones, and the largest is at a 207,303 capacity.

3. Tree

3.  Tree

Taking the title for the largest creature on the face of the earth, the General Sherman Tree stands at the Sequoia National Park. Standing at more than 275 ft tall, it has a diameter of 36ft on the base while 60 ft above its base, the width is 17.5 ft

2. The Anchor Chain

2.  The Anchor Chain

The Anchor Chain from the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship serves as the largest at 5 inches in diameter. This ship explored across the world with more than 5,000 passengers.'

1. Bicycle Parking

1. Bicycle parking

As big as it looks, this is not the only most substantial bicycle parking within Amsterdam. The Fietsparkeren is a 4-story parking nearing the central station. It has the capability of accommodating more than 2500 bicycles. Surprisingly enough, it can sometimes be hard to get a space for your bicycle.

Let your mind run wild: Have you ever seen an object larger than the ordinary?

Photo cred https://unculturedpersons.blogspot.com/2010/11/goliath-frog.html

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