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Assuming that people in the past were less inventive than we are today is wrong. These people had an imagination that had them create various things, some of which were very useful and some that were just strange.

For instance, there used to be a body cleaning pill that could be reused and which was also inherited. Other items include a device for measuring applause volume, car vases, a toaster fork, a pocket sundial as well as other strange items. 

GIGGAG has collected a small assortment of the vintage accessories that modern people find difficult to unravel what their use were at first glance. 

13. Car Vase

13. Car vase

This device reminds you of a wine horn, right? You will be surprised to learn that it had a whole different purpose. It used to be a vase for putting flowers in the car. People back then used flowers for interior decoration as well as a natural air freshener.

Such vases were common in cars built in within the first two quarters of the 20th century and you can still find some people with them today.

12. Reusable Cocktail Toothpick

12. Reusable Cocktail Toothpick

This small golf club was used as a toothpick. The pick, however, was unlike the modern picks we have today as it was reusable. The strange ends were utilized to pull a cherry or an olive from their drink without having to deep their fingers in the cocktail.

11. Instrument For Operating A Rotary Phone

11. Instrument for Operating a Rotary Phone

Young people today may have missed up on the opportunity to see rotary phones, but the older generation had a glimpse of the old devices. People used to insert the retro device at the tail end of a pen and pencil then use the same to dial the phone. It was especially common with girls and women that had just painted their nails. 

10. Mechanical Calculator

10. Mechanical calculator
There were various devices used for calculations in addition to accounting frames. For instance, there was this round mechanical calculator that was known as Optima that was developed in Germany in 1900

9. Hooked Ice Pick

9. Hooked ice pick

Before people invented refrigerators and freezers, they used to sell ice directly as it was. People used to harvest ice during the winter season, then store it in special glaciers throughout the year and distributed around in blocks. This hook served as an ice breaker and also helped to move the pieces without having to use bare hands. 

8. Ice Cream Spoon

8. Ice cream spoon

Don't be dismayed by the strange shape and appearance of this spoon. This Victorian item was exclusively used for eating ice cream. 

7. Toy Washing Machine

7. Toy washing machine

Do you know that the manual washing machine was served as a children's toy. There is a probability that little girls used the machines to wash their favorite doll clothes. 

6. Pocket Sundial

6. Pocket sundial

apparently, this watch's owner is a woman who loved to travel. This tool was very reliable and very difficult to break. 

5. Toaster Fork

5. Toaster fork

Even before the invention of electric toasters, the British people were already making toasts. Among the various ways they did this was using these strange forks. They would stick pieces of bread at the ends then brown the same over coals in their ovens. 

4. Medallion For Perfume

4. Medallion for perfume

Our ancestors could also combine practicality and beauty. This vintage accessory was used to carry perfume and as an accessory at the same time.  

3. Tool For Removing Egg Shells

3. Tool for Removing Egg Shells

This pic's owner says that he unraveled this device under the floor of a building constructed at the start of the 19th century. You shouldn't confuse this tool though with a medical or torture device. It is a simple tool that people used to peel boiled egg shells with

2. “Everlasting Pill”

2. “Everlasting pill”

This perhaps is weirdest item from this collection of vintage items. This is the everlasting pill that was extracted from antimony and could be reused. People, for some centuries considered antimony as a way of cleansing the body. It was strange that no one was bothered about the fact that this pill could be ingested and exit the body undigested. Once a family acquired a single "everlasting pill', the whole family would use it and even pass it down to the next generation. 

1. Tool For Checking Applause Volume

1. Tool for checking applause volume

People used the applause meter in the 1950s and 1960s, the same time period when dance competition and television talent shows came to being. The most popular method of determining winners was to cheer and applause preferred participant. While the winner could be easily be identified with just normal listening, it is the use of this device that would determine the true winner without being biased.  

Do you have any extra-ordinary stuff around your house?

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