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Can you imagine the surprise one man had, when he returned home after work one day to find his bed turned into a nest for two newborn squirrels? It seemed that the mother squirrel had made a nest of dried pines, twigs, and branches for her little ones.


The man decided to call the wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael, who tried to reunite the babies with their mother. However, the mother squirrel was busy with fetching materials for the nest and eventually stopped coming back at all. It was very sad when one of the baby squirrels didn’t make it. Then the local wildlife vet made an assessment, according to which the remaining baby would not survive on her own. It was then when the wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael decided to adopt Thumbelina.


Soon it was revealed that Thumbelina was special from the very beginning. She had to grow up by herself without interaction with other squirrels and everything for her was kind of slow. She loved milk and related on it. She was also not interested in jumping and climbing like the other baby squirrels usually are. She preferred to walk instead of running, and sit instead of climbing.


The two put many efforts to introduce Thumbelina to other squirrels, however she was not interested. Now the little squirrel spends her time with her new parents. She loves sugar snap peas, arugula, and avocado. And she sure hates outdoors and cold weather.

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