10 Things You Can’t Get Used To Even if Living in the USA for Many Long Years

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Hello, everyone! I am called Karina and I’ve been living in the USA for almost 5 years already - neither a long, nor a short time. For the biggest part of my life I have been living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I came to the USA when my husband was transferred to work in Seattle. Until I moved, I was not realizing that the USA is so different country in terms of culture and mentality. Today I can say I love some of the things in this country, but others I find strange. Check the American habits that I find strange.

Bonus: Going Crazy On sale

Russians also love big discounts, but Americans are crazy with them – sales, deals, discounts, bonus programs... from various stores and shops. The Black Friday is the big thing here when people wait overnight at the shop entrances for some good deals.

Bonus: Going crazy on sale

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