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5 months ago, a premature baby was born at a hospital in Tokyo. The baby was born prematurely at the 24th week, which is 16 weeks earlier and only weighed at 268 grams which is approximately 9.45 oz. The baby boy was so small and light that you could carry him in your palms. The doctors said that the chances of him surviving is not that good, but after spending months at the intensive care unit, the premature baby proved that he will not give up and has a heart of a champion, it looks like the baby does not have “Giving Up” in his dictionary. After spending months in the Intensive Care, his weight increased to 3.2 kilograms, and this allowed the doctors to call him fit and was released from the hospital. 

Because Of His Small Size, People Started To Call Him “Mini Miracle”

Because Of His Small Size, People Started To Call Him “Mini Miracle”

Image credits: Reuters

As he was born 16 weeks early, the doctors had to place him in an Intensive Care Unit, the Mini Miracle spent 5 months in there. The doctors were unsure if the baby would survive, and even the mother of the baby boy was unsure. After fighting through the obstacles and facing all the complications, the little one showed his champion heart and started to gain weight, which led the doctors to release him from the hospital with his mom. 

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