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Do you have a dream house? Is it located in New York? Beverly Hills? Is the interior classic or futuristic? We know everyone has a dream house that they want to build once they save enough money for it, sometimes out of nowhere we decide to take a look at real estate websites or listings just to bring peace to our mind. But sometimes, Real Estate Agents capture the most awful photographs that we have ever seen.


If you want to see what it looks like to not give a shit about putting your property up for sale even if it looks like crap, scroll down and look at them. Don’t forget to comment and vote for the worst real estate listing you see below. 



Some houses have sentimental values and this is not one of them, if you want to be haunted by sacrificed animals or men, feel free to buy this one. 



Sometimes people like to read while they are taking a crap, other wonder about things that would never happen, and there are people who just want to see themselves everywhere…. 



When you are washing your clothes and the Real Estate Agent asks you to send snaps of your house….. 

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