Hilarious Comics By Tang Gao With Clever Twists

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Tango Gao is a Chinese Artist who is also known as Shanghai Tango is known for creating thought-provoking illustrations without using any words.

 The real name of Tango is Gao Youjun, he did not stop creating thought-provoking illustrations since the last time we featured his work here. Tango is back with his new arts which are minimalistic and simple, which sends out profound messages.

Tango started to create these types of illustrations in 2010, he was prompted by his friend which helped him develop a habit of drawing illustrations every day. Tango currently has more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram who are waiting to see his illustrations every day.  

Scroll down to see the great works of Tango Goa!! 

More info: Instagram | Facebook | tango2010weibo.tumblr.com


Polar bears are really fully and dangerous, but this illustration talks about time, if we don’t change and do something about the pollution, the time for polar bears are ticking fast. 


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