39 Rare Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things (New Pics)

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We live in a wondrous world filled with marvels all around us, but sometimes we forget. Getting caught up in our daily lives most people barely stop to smell the roses, much less open the roses to look inside. Well, it turns out that there are beautiful secrets hidden underneath and inside things you would never even think to take a closer look at.

A lions fur is gorgeous on the outside but have you ever seen the intricate pattern that sits beneath? or how about the quarry where they mine the marble for your countertops? The following list is another collection of photos from Dimplify of rare photos that show the unseen side of things that are all around us. If something catches your eye don't forget to upvote your favorite!

#5 This Is What A Baby Flamingo Looks Like

These fluffy little creatures are baby flamingos, which may confusing to some as they are lacking their infamous pink color. Babies of this species are fed a bright red milk made from their parents' upper digestive tracts. As they grow up, they begin to develop their characteristic pink feathers. Adult flamingos feed on red and blue-green algae, which is filled with beta carotene, an organic chemical with a reddish-orange pigment. The digestive track system of flamingos extracts the pigment and it eventually dissolves into fats. These fats are deposited into new feathers for a full-on pretty in pink transformation.

Oh he's adorable!..I could just sit and cuddle him all day!!

#5 This Is What A Baby Flamingo Looks Like

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