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People always wonder how long will they live and try to do various things to give themselves the best chance - dieting, sports and other different stuff. However, it seems there are much simpler ways to extend your life and some of them will surely surprise you. Take a look at the following photos and change your life.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Don't worry, be happy
Optimists live longer! As Monty Python say "Always look at the bright side of life" and you have a better chance of living longer.

Don't Skip Leg Day!

Don't skip leg day!
Besides the fact skinny legs and a powerful torso is a comical combination, it turns out skipping leg day also leads to shorter life. Strong legs help!

Friends Help You Live Longer

Friends help you live longer
Good friends act as a defensive mechanism against stress and will help you throughout your whole life. They make you happier and good hormones make you healthier.

Go To College!

Go to college!
The better education you have, the bigger your chances to avoid risky occupations.

Eat Purple!

Eat purple!
Purple foods like dark grapes, wines, and blueberries all contain polyphenols, which helps against many health issues.

Be A Healthy Teen

Be a healthy teen
If you were healthy as a teen, you have better chances to keep that as an adult (who would've thought about that, lol)

Drink Tea

Drink tea
Brits will really like this one - it seems tea is very good for you, so time to start drinking more of it.

Take A Walk Once In A While

Take a walk once in a while
Scientists have proven that people that walk 30 minutes per day have a much greater life span expectation than those who don't.

Don't Drink Sodas

Don't drink sodas
I think we all heard about that one - sodas are bad for you health, even diet ones.

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