The Most Polluted River On The Planet And The People Who Swim ThereTranslate

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If you ever visit Indonesia and see the Citarum river, we can bet that it will make you puke. The river is filled with trash and so polluted that it is impossible for the water to be seen. The pollution here is unbelievable and such is the fact that nobody does anything to stop that.That is terrible as almost 5 million people live at the river’s basin. Yet, it should be said that the activities of these people are just part of the reason why this river is so dirty. Experts can only imagine the viruses and the bacteria that live in the water and are breeding within the dirt.The locals however see the Citarum river as one of their few water supplies and they have no other choice but to rely on it in order to stay alive. In the end of December 2008, the Asian Development Bank offered a loan of 500 million USD for the cleaning of the river. Even so, the river remains considered as one of the most polluted rivers in the world.These photos make us happy and blessed to have clean drinking water, right?

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