Poor Cameraman Discovered Hundred Thousands Of Spiders Inside A Building日本语简体中文繁體中文Translate

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This is not a scene from a horror movie but really happened and was caught on camera.Mexico City, hundreds thousand of spiders that have taken over a building. We’re not sure the dull buzzing noise was actually from the camera or the creepy crawlies.I will just burn all of them if I were the cameraman, but he decided to go inside the building to get a closeup. The spider swarm was on the ceiling, stay idle when he stepped in, after a few seconds, it looks like the spiders 'know' that they had been found and the spiders start scattering instead of stay idle. Suddenly, blobs of spiders falling from ceiling and drop down to the ground and scatter toward him! So, what happened in the end? Check out the spider swarm video below

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