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Let's squee with delight from the cuteness of these animals!A family-run crocheting manufacture from Vietnam proves that size doesn't matter! Their miniature crocheted animals are so small that they fit on a finger tip, and some of them hardly reach 1/4 of an inch. The idea for the business was inspired by the youngest (10-year-old) member of the family, who’s greatly fond of various movie characters and loves animals. Her nickname even ended up being the name of the company.Su Ami are a family of five artists from Vietnam who crochet the cutest miniature animals ever. The artists sell their creations on Etsy where you can find hundreds of their miniature creations in various sizes. Some fit on the tip of your finger while others fit in the palm of your hand.Su Ami deals in miniature crochet animals, amigurumi doll plush toys, extreme micro,tiny, mini to custom sizes, teeny tiny and adorable animals that are looking for a new home and their cute friends.

They're made using a 0.4 millimeter crochet hook, the smallest of the crocheting tools out there. Needless to say, this probably requires extremely steady hands and some pretty good eyesight.

Besides these incredibly small versions, Su Ami also creates slightly larger versions that can reach several inches in height. Compared to the miniatures, these larger creations are absolutely huge. While the larger variations are stuffed, these are so tiny that they don't need to be.

The name Su Ami comes from the youngest member of this artistic family, who, at age 10, is a huge fan of all things cute. The 10-year-old is especially interested in the Japanese craft of amigurumi, or crocheted dolls in the shape of animals. Su Ami is her nickname, and her love for the cute crafts inspired the whole family to take up the crochet hooks.

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