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The ActiWait is a new generation of traffic light buttons. Installed at a pedestrian traffic light with long red phases, it offers pedestrians the possibility to convert boring waiting times into positive experiences. Through a touch screen which is installed in the upper shell of the button, people can interact with each other across the street. Currently the ActiWait is still a prototype. Hildesheim and Oberhausen are the world’s first cities where the ActiWait is installed in a protected environment and put to the acid test. After a successful prototype phase, and the first orders the development of a product that is ready to be produced, will follow. The ActiWait will transform waiting time to an awesome experience – all over the world!

The idea for their Actiwait button went viral when the students, along with a third colleague, Holger Michel, published their concept video in 2012. Though it was just a fake visualization, it garnered millions of views and likes. After overcoming numerous technological challenges and red tape, a test unit has been installed at a crosswalk in Hildesheim in front of HAWK University

“The idea came while waiting for the light to turn green. Sandro always needed to wait a traffic light in front of our Campus and one day thought ‘this could be more fun’ and so he developed the concept and the first video with Holger Michel, who a few moth later left the team,” Sandro and Amelie told to dimplify.

“People are mostly excited and happy to have such a device. They smile and get to know each other. There are even visitors from other cities and countries who are coming to play a match of streetpong. Some don’t understand the concept behind it immediately but if we explain it to them they think it is great and don’t want to stop playing”

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