Korean Artist Uses Lit Incense Sticks To Burn Holes In Rice Paper Resulting In Brilliant Art!Translate

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A Korean artist, Jihyun Park, has found a unique and quintessentially Asian approach to pointillism – he uses burning sticks of incense to burn tiny holes in huge sheets of rice paper, arranging the tiny holes into beautiful, relaxing artistic compositions.He says, " I became inspired to develop a relationship between the concept of utopia and the materials that I use in my work. My recent work, Incense Series, focuses on this relationship while searching for the promised harmonic balance that utopia brings. Ironically, the word “utopia” in Korean is “Yi Sang Hwang” and “Hwang” means “incense”. In My current incense drawings, I use lit incense sticks to burn holes in rice paper. I then mount the final drawings onto varnished canvases. The burning of the incense sticks creates emptiness where there once was substance, both in the stick itself and the paper used. At the same time, the emptiness creates space in the paper and empty spaces show new image."The holes in the paper allow one’s eye to see shadows while at the same time light is reflected back from the varnished canvas. This balance of dark and light, emptiness and substance is the essence of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and through this balance utopia is achieved.He further says," The subjects addressed in my work range from the natural world to memories of the past, reflecting the constant physical and emotional changes in our environment. It is my hope that the “moments” I captures of my subjects are ones when they are at their most ideal– true utopias. While drawing them with the incense, I am “holding” a split moment of harmony in my hands."

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