Meet Darius, The Biggest Rabbit In The WorldTranslate

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The rabbit Darius is 4’4 (130 cm) long and weighs 49 pounds (22,2 kg). This qualifies him for a Guinness Record. But his son Jeff who could soon steal his title. Jeff , 3’8 (110 cm) has another 6 months to grow. Annette Edwards, the owner, expects him to grow even bigger than his father.Darius and Jeff belong to the so-called "Continental Giant" breed. This breed used to be cultivated for its meat but now its appreciated as a smart and loveable pet. Because of their size, they don’t fit in a normal rabbit cage so they often sleep in large dog crates. These two fellas consume around 2000 carrots and 700 apples a year and around 7000 $ worth of special rabbit food.

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