A Daring Man Took Action To Clean A Filthy Riverbank And Motivates Others To Do The Same!Translate

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Tommy Kleyn, from the Netherlands, was fed up of biking past the polluted waterfront on his way to work every day.He realised the mass of discarded bottles and bags bummed him out for about 30 minutes each day, so instead of whining about it on Twitter, Tommy decided to take action.Vowing to spend 30 minutes each day picking up the rubbish, Tommy managed to fill one dustbin bag per outing.It was slow work, but according to Tommy: ‘It was very simple: take the plastic, but in the bag, put the bags next to the nearby trash bin. And also: it was pretty satisfying.’Tommy kept people updated about his work on his Facebook page, and friends quickly jumped in to him out on his quest.

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