World’s First Warm-Blooded Fish Being Discovered! Scientists Are Overjoyed!Translate

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It is not easy to be a fish! The water takes the heat out of most of the sea creatures and this happens to almost all creatures except to this recently discovered fish. Named opah or moonfish, this fish has the ability to keep its body warm. That rare discovery made the scientists jump with joy.That is so as only a couple of other fish can raise the temperature of their bodies and that can happen when they hunt. The moonfish, however, is able to stay warm despite the temperature of the surrounding water. This happens thanks to the constant flapping of the powerful pectoral fins that it has.This fish can weigh up to 90 kg as it stores fat round the grills, the muscle tissue and the heart. This helps it conserve its warmth in the cold water. The fish is usually found in the waters off the coasts of Australia, U.S. and several other countries. It can swim very quick and has very good eyesight, better

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