Duck Lanes: Special Walkways For Ducks Near The Canal In LondonTranslate

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Several duck lanes emerged along the waterway paths in several UK cities, namely London, Birmingham, and Manchester. This new initiative aims to encourage people to be careful of the animals they share the road with when they ride bikes or walk. A white line has been painted by the Canal & River Trust, marking off the areas that are to be used by the ducks. Dick Vincent, a London Towpath Ranger informed that the duck lanes are painted in on the tow path, just to highlight that there’s only so much space you can share and that probably ducks need the priority.The Canal River Trust is responsible for maintaining over 3220 km of inland waterways in England and Wales. They act under the motto “share the space; drop your pace; it’s a special place”. Whether or not the ducks will agree to abide by these rules is yet to be seen.   

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