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Take a good look at that old end table you've been storing in your garage for years. Think it has no future other than the landfill? Think again! With a little effort and very little money, you can repurpose that outdated end table and turn it into something beautiful and useful in your home.Here's a list of the basic materials you'll need:- end table- 4 bun feet-2 to 4 wooden finials- plywood board- paint- 1 pillow

Stand The Table On Its Legs

Stand the table on its legs
Drill four holes in the corners, along the outside. Measure to make sure the holes are uniformly spaced. Screw in four bun feet to keep the table steady and lift it off the floor when you flip it back over.

Add A Headboard Using A Piece Of Plywood

Add a headboard using a piece of plywood
Cut a piece of plywood into a rectangular shape equal in size to the width of your table. Trim the legs at the other end to get rid of that canopy feel if you want. Adding wooden finials can be a decorative accent to spice up your design.

This video shows you some ideas for changing old furniture into something new.

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