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It's true that smartphones have made our lives much easier than before, but what if I tell you something more about your android smartphone? Yes, there are some hidden features that most people don't know but they have been desiring to have these features right in their phones.Here you go with the list of more apps and features in your android smartphone!

Automate Everyday Functions

Automate everyday functions
There are some freely available apps which can be used to automate features in an Android phone. One such app is Llama, which uses ‘geo-fencing.’ It determines your location through the nearest mobile towers. Since it doesn’t use Wi-Fi, it doesn’t drain the battery. It can then setup pre-determined settings on the phone. As an example, if you are at home (which you have geo-fences) you would like to automatically connect to the home Wi-Fi network, turn the volume level down at night or keep the phone in standby mode to conserve power. You can provide Llama access to your phone’s calendar to automatically enable silent profiles during meetings or while you are at movie halls.

Recognize Any Monument Or Place

Recognize any monument or place
Say you are on a trip and you come across a monument which you can’t recall or recognize. One way to get details about the monument is to wait for some passersby or locals who might help you. The second and the smart way is to use your Android phone. A free app designed by Google called Google Goggles can be used to identify monuments and structures. Any user can take a picture and upload on Google Goggles. If the information about the place/monument is in the database, the same would be shared by this app. Google Goggles also works well for paintings, QR code, Barcodes or an image in print.

Turn Off Adding New Icons On Your Phone’s Home Screen

Turn off adding new icons on your phone’s Home Screen
We all want Home screen of our smartphones to be clutter-free to access the frequently used features. New apps which are downloaded from Play Store usually create an icon on the Home screen. If you have a kid who likes to download games, your Home Screen can become a mess full of icons. An android user can restrict any app from creating an icon on the Home Screen. This feature can be turned off from the Play Store settings. From the Menu button on the Play Store app select “Settings” and under “General” section unselect the option “Add icon to Home Screen.” This would restrict any new app from creating an icon on the Home Screen.

Connect To A USB Flash Drive

Connect to a USB flash drive
We all know that an Android smartphone can connect to a computer and it can be used as a flash drive. There is also an option to connect an external USB drive directly to an Android phone. This external USB drive can be used as a secondary storage. You will require a USB OTG cable to connect the USB drive to the micro USB port of the phone. Some Android phones directly support an external USB drive and you can mount the drive without any fuss. If your device doesn’t support the same you can download an app like USB OTG Helper or StickMount to mount the USB drive. Unfortunately this feature works only on rooted devices. You can use the additional storage in the USB drive to store movies, photos or songs.

See The Notifications On PC

See the notifications on PC
At times you are busy with your work on a PC and would not want to check notifications on your phone. If you are expecting some important calls or SMS there is a way to get the notifications directlyto the PC. There are apps like PushBullet which can be used to connect your Android smartphone to your PC. All the notifications like SMS, WhatsApp, Hangout, Facebook and calls received on your smartphone will be pushed to the PC.

Use Your Android Phone To Host A Server

Use your Android phone to host a server
Android OS is built on Linux platform, so whatever functionalities are present in Linux can be available on Android too. Today’s Android phones have enough hardware resources to run a dedicated server. If you have an old working Android smartphone, you can turn it into a web server using some apps like Servers Ultimate, KSWEB and Bit Web. The downside of using a smartphone to run a server is its limited capacity and continued power requirement. Though a smartphone is not a practical device to run a full-pledged server, it is a good option to use it for a small project.

Change The Default Share Menu

Change the default Share menu
We tend to install a lot of apps in our smartphones all of which would start appearing in the Share menu. You may not want to have so many options for sharing. You may want to share a pic say to Facebook or Twitter as your preferred option only. There is an app Andmade Share which could be used to limit the sharing options on an Android phone. You can reorder the list of sharing options and keep the most preferred ones on top. You can also customize email sharing link so as to avoid typing your email id every time you use this app.

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