Preschool-Age Child Is Found Dead Inside Running Washing Machine

A small child, whose age was not revealed to the public, was found dead inside a running machine in New Zealand.

It is said that the child died after being found unresponsive in front of a front-loading washing machine that had been turned on.

The incident happened in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The police were called to the outer suburb of Hoon Hay at around 5pm on Friday.

The spokesperson of the police released a statement about the incident, saying:

One person was injured and taken to hospital where they later died. Police are making enquiries into the circumstances of the death and the coroner has been informed.

The death of the child is not being treated by the authorities as suspicious.

A large group of mourners gathered at the home on Sunday to say goodbye to the kid.

It is believed that the child is pre-school aged.

The police are now reminding parents to avoid allowing their children to explore washing machines.

Once a kid gets trapped inside, they can suffocate.

It is also possible that an adult in the house might start a cycle in the machine without knowing that there is a child inside.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the little kid, may their soul rest in peace.

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