Private Airplane With 69 Passengers Lands 250 Kilometers Away From Original Destination

The story that we are about to share below is just hilarious and a complete fail that could have been prevented.

69 passengers of a private airplane in Nepal ended up landing in a place 250 kilometers away from their original destination.

Yes, that happened.

According to reports, flight Buddha Air’s flight U4505 was on its way to Janakpur from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport on Friday when a mix-up caused the massive fail.

Local news agencies said that the flight mix-up happened due to bad weather.

The weather was not quite favorable for flights when the incident happened, so carriers were making sure that every plane can take off, and when this plane did, they landed in a different location due to a wrong destination sent to them by the air control office.

An official of the Buddha Air released a statement about the incident, where they said:

The weather was already causing flight delays and to make up for the flying time, Buddha Air officials decided to fly to Pokhara first.

The flight number was changed up and this led the flight to the wrong destination.

Buddha Air admitted to serious lapses on its side.

Birendra Bahadur Basnet, the Managing Director of the airline company, said:

The difference in flight schedule between Janakpur and Pokhara was 15 to 20 minutes. The ground staff transferred [on paper] 69 passengers of flight U4505 to flight U4607 which actually was cleared for Pokhara by the air traffic controllers.

According to another official of the airline company, the flgiht attendant failed to brief the captain of the flight and the co-pilot that the number of the flight has been changed.

The official continued:

The flight attendant did make an announcement on the flight that it was heading to Janakpur.┬áThere was a miscommunication between the ground staff and the pilots. The flying pilots also did not look at the passengers’ manifest.

The flight had to bring the passengers back to the original destination.

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