Professional Angler Catches Extremely Rare Bright Yellow Catfish

A professional angler from the Netherlands was left in complete shock after they hauled in an extraordinary catfish that had the color yellow.

Martin Glatz, a professional angler, had been out fishing when he snagged the impressive wels catfish.

The Wels catfish are native to the lakes and rivers that a re in Europe and they can grow up to 2.7 meters long once they are fully grown.

The thing is, this one is pretty different considering that it has a light but bright banana color.

According to experts, the fish has the yellow color because of the rare genetic disorder that it has, which is known as leucism.

This condition t runs the skin a bright banana yellow.

Talking about the cat, Glatz said:

I have never seen such a catfish before, I am still overwhelmed by it.

Leucism is a condition that causes a loss of pigment in the skin and hair, but the thing is, this condition is usually observed in birds, mammals and reptiles.

This condition is different from albinism, and it does not affect the eyes.

Despite being extremely rare for us, there are a lot of issues with having this type of condition.

One is they are easily easy to spot in the wild, meaning, it is more difficult to avoid predators or to sneak up on prey.

Martin, who was fishing with Oliver, his twin, managed to pose for a picture with the specimen before releasing it back into the lake.

That’s one rare fish, right?

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By Pei Yong

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